Allow me to introduce Rise of the Ravenisha.

This story tells the tale of an ancient tribe of African Dahomey warrior women who, having made a deal with the dark spirit La Panthère Noire, developed the ability to shapeshift into black panthers. They and their queen, Idia, lived in the mountains among the Fon for centuries until Idia betrayed her closest friends, selling them to America as slaves under false pretenses and ulterior motives.

The story picks up in the present-day southern United States, where the women, now known as Old Generation Ravenisha, have decided the time has come for them to rise up and free themselves from the bondage of their past. Helping them are their granddaughters, a new breed of La Panthère Noire: deadlier, stronger, faster, and more vicious than Queen Idia could have ever foreseen, thanks to a Mayan strain that was introduced into the fold by Cleodora, an Old Generation progeny and one of the blood known as the Lost Generation and by the genetic manipulations orchestrated by Ezra, one of the story’s antagonists.

Meanwhile, Queen Idia has been raising an army of werepanthers to expand her dominion and Ezra’s greed has nefarious people willing to do anything to capture one of the Ravenisha to harness their power.

This story, set primarily in fictional Ravenswood, Alabama, features locales such as Central America and West Africa. The characters are primarily a reflection of my heritage – African-American women of mixed ancestry. The protagonist, Theodora (Teddy) Lulu K’Abella Furie shares my love of dressage, and horses are featured in the story. The novel is completed and I am almost done with the sequel, Rogue Ravenisha. A third novel has been tentatively titled Revenge of the Ravenisha.

I am a Talladega, Alabama native and a University of California, Berkeley graduate with a degree in Anthropology. This story is my maiden novel.