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By P. Grace lawson

Rise of the Ravenisha

Fantasy Novel

This story tells the tale of an ancient tribe of Dahomey warrior women who, having made a deal with the dark spirit La Panthère Noire, developed the ability to shapeshift into black panthers. They and their queen, Idia, lived in the mountains among the Fon for centuries until Idia betrayed her closest friends, selling them to America as slaves under false pretenses and ulterior motives. The story picks up in the present-day southern United States, where the women, now known as Old Generation Ravenisha, have decided the time has come for them to rise up and free themselves from the bondage of their past.

Fantasy Author

P. Grace Lawson

A Talladega, Alabama native, Rise of the Ravenisha is her maiden novel. Pamela lives in Northern California with her two felines, Ferg and Nikos. She can attest that the dressage struggle is real. Every magical realm has a story. A day without fantasy is like a day without sunshine.

Forthcoming Sequel of an Epic Adventure

A Conversation with P. Grace Lawson

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Pamla Lawson is participating in the upcoming Behind the Ink Annual Book Event in Birmingham, Alabama, on April 30th. The event is hosted by the African Americans On the Move Book Club, Inc.


​African Americans On The Move Book Club Inc., is a community for black writers to promote and expand their brand as an author. Founded by Tamika Newhouse in 2008, AAMBC Inc.’s mission is to help writers reach their target audience and create opportunities that will advance their careers. At AAMBC we advocate for literary arts and believe that every writer should be heard and have a voice. We place our focus on new and emerging voices in literature and fuse them with established creatives in film, radio, television, and publishing.

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About Rise of  the Ravenisha

Rise of the Ravenisha is a mix of action, humor, romance, and mystery. This paranormal novel was spellbinding from the storyline to the plot and development. A special shout-out goes to Grace because writing is her calling. The word usage, synergistic dialogue, and nuances per scene and situation that she employed throughout the book afforded me a smooth read. I love female heroines, and they brought their A-games to this story! Dr. Vasquez, Leona, Lizzy, Tildy, Ceola, and even Fredi all have places in my heart. However, most of my focus was on Teddy, who always went off without listening. Strategic thinking trumps physical size, strength, and skills any day. Sometimes we must listen to those who went before us for they know better. I anticipate a second installment that features the lost generation. Great job, Grace!

Jennifer Ibiam

Readers' Favorite

Rise of the Ravenisha is a fantastic novel about strong powerful Black women. Teddy is a no-nonsense kind of individual who is destined to lead the pack, but underneath her gruff exterior is someone with a heart of gold and extremely protective of her family. The old Ravenisha (Celeste, Naima, and Matilda) are the grandmothers we wish we had- kind, loving, and fierce warriors. What is intriguing about this story is that the old Ravenisha are products of continental Africa and slavery. It’s this convergence of these two experiences that help craft and color the story for the better because by this diasporic convergence we see just how similar we all are. I know fans of strong and powerful women will enjoy this novel.


Michael Pfirrman

Everything about this book was lovely. There was nothing negative to note apart from one error. The characters seemed intentionally picked. There was action, science, demons, romance, and laughter crowned with fantastic storytelling. I couldn’t help thinking how the book would be an excellent fit for Marvel
productions; who wouldn’t love a movie about warrior women?

The book ends with a cliffhanger; I anticipate the sequel. I recom-mend Rise of the Ravenisha to all science fiction lovers. If you enjoy superwomen stories, it will make a great read. Finally, I rate this book four out
of four stars.

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